On Being The Guardian of Your Story…

A story unfolding… I prefer to know and discuss your journey, the script was flipped a few months ago, when a former client of mind, Jane Ellen asked to interview me for her Glistening Particle podcast. It was a pleasure, and I hope you enjoy it as well. Episode 22: Emeric the mirror We discussed: … Read more

Freedom To Let Others Be Who They Are So You Can Be Free To Be Who You Choose To Be…

Photo for episode 002 of questing the unknown with Emeric Damian Thorpe

Sometimes I question what everyone else is doing, when there is a breeze to be had, a cloud to watch, a conversation to share in; how magical it is the simplicity of experience.

And it comes to me, the knowing, that my freedom is for me and the more freedom I desire for myself, the greater freedom I wish for you, however it manifests, however you choose.

And in this way, I only want for you, to want for you what you want.

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Co-Creating Your World As a Way To Experience The Mystery Of Yourself…

What of your reality?

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges in life is to open up to the creative potential that we are, to let it move through us freely without the saboteur, the censor, the voice that tells us we are not allowed to do what it is we truly want.

In much of my work, there is one desire that comes through everyone I speak with, the desire to be you as you wish to be in the world, free of self-judgment, free of judgement from others.

When you take your mind to a place of choice you will open up to infinite potential and possibilities.

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