What If You Actually Know The Answers To Your Greatest Questions About Who You Are and What You Want From The Rest Of Your Life (Time) Here On Earth?

Step 1: Get Curious About What’s Possible!

The Transformation Is Real…

It Will Always Be Unique To You…

It Will Never Ever Be The Same As It Is For Another Person…

You Must Go Questing The Unknown Alone, But Not Always By Yourself…

Step 2: Ask Questions And Embrace The Mystery.

Life is very much a game, but it’s not presented to you as such.

The truth is, that good things and bad things happen, but neither good things or bad things exist in isolation from your thinking it is so.

But that doesn’t matter in this moment, what I want to share with you is a quest of your own making, to understand and experience the truth about your relationship to reality and how that effect and affects your experience of life.

It’s a quest…

And all quests end in one of two ways.

  1. You never arrive but you live an amazing adventurous life true to you and your inner knowing.
  2. You arrive and live an amazing adventurous life true to you and your inner knowing.

This Is All About You And That Is Why I Have To Speak About Me…

I want to set up a bit of context for you.

It’s going to guide our relationship from here on and it’s important that you read these words; they are going to sound selfish and a bit self aggrandizing, but I promise they are going to be in service to you.

Imagine yourself for a moment as a client of mine, a spiritual friend of mine, a friend whom I adore and care about.

Imagine I care so much about you that I put constraints on our relationship to honor your time and your value, as a glorious and gifted human being.

And I care so much for you that I refuse to waste your time and life by buying into and seeing life in any way other than a way that is beautiful and graceful, even if challenging.

Imagine that to honor you, I have to also honor and respect that truth for myself.

Imagine that I value you myself simply for being alive.

In fact I am the most exquisite, mysterious, and glorious being I have ever known and continue to know.

And imagine that I am in this way toward myself for no other reason, than, that I am…

That I exist…

There’s nothing I need to do, be, or have to change that truth.

Now imagine that the only way a person like me can see himself as he does, is if he knows this to be true of you too.

Even though he is imperfect, screws up more often than he’d like to admit, says things about himself that are not always kind, and is more time than not embroiled in a dance of the absurd, he continues to know that beyond the thing that he’s called, beyond his identity, there exists one primary truth, he is never what he seems, but always between being and becoming and he is fundamentally one expression of a totality of existence.

As that…

So are you…

How you express that existence, how deeply you feel that to be true or not, doesn’t matter necessarily at this time.

What is important, is that you are willing to open to the possibility that what I have shared exists within you as a potential.

And now…

With that I want to take you into another contextual framework.

This has to do with creating your world as you desire to, as you wish to express yourself.

And once again I will reflect on my creation as an example.

There’s a secret of a kind within the words, a message that you will gather, but that I will not point out to you, but you will, if you choose to see it, see it.

And if you are keen to understand why it is the primary work that we are all doing in life, then you will want to follow along with greater attention to the quest I am sharing.

Here it is, I am challenging to get a hold of.

My primary work is to create and share messages that inspire and transform my clients personal relationship with reality and thus with all of those within their world.

I work primarily through email and the content that I share online.

I have standards that I will hold you to, as I hold myself to them as well.

I screw up often, but I am on a mission and screwing up comes with the territory.

I built these screw ups into the game; they are part of the rule set I have created.

I craft my life, living it as art, as an expression of one kind or another, as a journey to self mastery, self knowledge, and knowledge of life itself.

When you enter my world, however you might, I will challenge you to construct your world, to create your life, to express yourself in the way that you must do so for yourself.

You will simultaneously be asked to be selfish while being selfish to the genuine expression of your soul and spirit.

This selfishness, when held true to your being, always ends up serving the greater good.

This is why, I am vigilant and pedantic about setting rules for myself and then making sure you are also aware of them, because, I have little tolerance for those who want to steal or waste my time.

In fact…

No one can do that but me, and if I let you steal and waste my time, then what is actually taking place, is that I am stealing and wasting your time.

It will happen, because it does.

And because it does, we preempt it by placing rules into the game that serve our objective.

I will tell you more about this when you go into Questing The Unknown, The Two Truths That Are Neither True Nor False…

Now, I’ve been speaking for a bit.

Perhaps, it’s as if I haven’t said a thing, after all, I haven’t told you why you are here, or why you want to be here, or what I have to offer you.

Perhaps that is strange, a little weird, to have you here with me, curious to know more about why the best thing you can do in your life is partake in this quest.

You will want to buy into what I am sharing.

However, there will be consequences to the choice, to live with me in your life.



Love and beauty…

These will be experienced.

But truth, your discovery and experience of the deep resounding truth that lives for you and you alone, can only and ever be known by you.

What that is, well, that’s part of the quest.

This is my work, my craft, my joy…

And I create to be of service to the calling within me and to be of service to those who are receptive, ready, and willing to seek this for themselves as well.

A few words on work…

Whatever your work is or whatever work you want to be doing, there’s a mystery about the being you are when you do that work.

We will discuss this thoroughly because it will change your life, in fact, this is one of the first emails you will receive from me, on being the mystery that is your work.

About The Being Before You…

In Portugal Exploring The Beautiful Village of Sintra!

My name is Emeric Damian, I ask questions and I question everything and then I share these experiences, the knowing, the learnings.

And I share the mysteries that keep calling but don’t reveal their answers so kindly.

And in this way I awaken people into truly experiencing the beautiful mystery of existence as best I can.

In this way I give you back life, and time, time in your life to use as you wish.


Your attention is the greatest asset you have.

And I want to make sure you own and control it.

It is your pathway to everything.

I have conversations; I am guide and an instigator of ideas.

We must ask questions, particularly about the nature of reality, which includes everything and nothing.

Dreams of all kinds…

It’s been a life long fascination for me, exploring dreams and visions, and creating the future as we desire.

It’s wonderful and bizarre to realize that we literally can imagine something in our minds and then express it externally.

Lifelong learning makes my life more interesting, creating everyday matters to me as does sharing.

Absurdity, the ridiculous, laughter at life is adored in my world.

I’m for hire every once and a while. You can contact me here.

I write and speak to touch the ephemeral nature of existence.

A Sky Prayer

by Walking Cloud ~

Like the Sky, I let it pass.
It is not who I am.
It is not up to me.

As the Sky, I see it all,
Yet where am I,
Am I at all.

Point to me,
Show me to myself,
I am neither here nor there
Yet I am.


I perpetually travel as a kind of nomad of sorts, travel geographically as well as into the realm of the mind.

And my name is also Walking Cloud.

To being wiggly upon the fabric of reality,
Emeric “Walking Cloud” Thorpe

p.s. There will be more for you as, the sharing continues, the questions, the explorations and I would like to thank you for being here at Questing The Unknown.