About Questing The Unknown

This is about the journey into the radical experience of being alive, of experiencing more of life itself.

The only thing in this is the uncovering of a dream, a life to explore, a masterpiece to create, some type of movement toward an understanding of our existence, a play in the world that gives us the opportunity to express the fullness of our desires, to be free to play and tease out the experience of life.

Living and loving from that place, exploring the universe in that way allows for all of us to truly come undone, sooner than later.

Awakening to the undeniable dance between potential possibilities and confusion, an inferno of expression, where our deepest desires burn free until there’s nothing left of our original play thing, is life itself.

We breathe.

And emptiness tears apart the other bits of our being, completely compressed and released simultaneously.

It’s not as if there is something to discover, some grand plot to uncover.

We are all running around in some cyclic malaise that won’t release us.

Some say there’s an answer to this struggle, but I have a secret sky where answers die; nevertheless, most can’t seem to put a hold on the very thing that yokes them.

It’s the undoing of our journey that gets me now and nothing much can move beyond that.

In this we unravel deeper and deeper mysteries.

It’s the ever unfolding undoing, an embrace toward Questing The Unknown

Everything is an unknown, the words coming from my lips, the breeze finding its way to me.

All of it and none of it…

We are co-creating this universe, by being in it.

We are coercing the universe to speak us into existence, by being.

We are co-creating this universe, because we are it.

Search out freedom and nothing comes.

Go on journeys and nothing comes because it’s everything and nothing.

You are an existential question unraveling and destroying itself, an incessant movement toward what already is.

A viewing point at the center of universe…

From this place anything is possible.

And now you are experiencing the exploration and the mystery that is you.

Welcome to life, to Questing The Unknown.

With love and wildness,
Emeric Damian