Being Your Own Guru and Flirting With Reality…

You can press and pull on reality. You can dance with the universe; you can converse with the universe.

You can ask questions about everything and anything you want.

And you will get an answer, of one kind or another.

You may take chances and step into the excitement of flowing with the unknown, to watch what shows up for you.

To taste experience after experience, the universe as a playground of self expression…

Is there any doubt it wants you to experience the experience of life itself.

There is no right or wrong. There is no judgement. There is play and reception, a willingness to receive what comes into your life, an openness to the new.

Every moment is completely fresh, with the only constraint being that you may be constricting it with your conception of what you believe it to be.

But you are the guru, the seer of all.

You are a being of receptivity, capable of flowing with perfect presence; you speak the universe into the universe.

You are it, the perfect wonder in love with itself.

The perfect embrace, a hug of the divine, the kiss of the cosmic.

With love,

The perfect embrace, a hug of the divine, the kiss of the cosmic waits.

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