Co-Creating Your World As a Way To Experience The Mystery Of Yourself…

What of your reality?

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges in life is to open up to the creative potential that we are, to let it move through us freely without the saboteur, the censor, the voice that tells us we are not allowed to do what it is we truly want.

In much of my work, there is one desire that comes through everyone I speak with, the desire to be you as you wish to be in the world, free of self-judgment, free of judgement from others.

When you take your mind to a place of choice you will open up to infinite potential and possibilities.

You will begin to see for yourself that your ability to place your attention where you want, when you want, matters more than any other ability you can cultivate.

It is a skill, a skill that can shift your state of being immediately. And in this way your attention and state of being become integrated. 

Your ability to attend and your state of being are connected and when the two become congruent you will sense a deeper connection to the process of co-creation.

Why do I say co-creation as opposed to creation alone?

We are something beyond ourselves, beyond our body alone, but we are also the very thing itself. Words like that deserve an exploration of their own, nevertheless…

Co-creation also carries the idea of destiny and fate along with free will.

We don’t have absolute free will, but we have a free will of a kind and the greater our level of awareness, the greater our ability to attend to what we choose, the greater our free will and in this we will find ourselves  more adept at co-creating our reality.

Taking this to another level we can explore three ways of attending to our universe.

I’m going to separate them for the purpose of understanding them, but they actually are degrees of each other, a spectrum of sorts.

  1. You are mindless and not awake to your own ability to choose the way you want to live.
  2. You are ‘awake’ and making choices to author your life.
  3. You are aware that you can make choices but you are choosing to observe and simply flow and ride life’s experience.

*There is a fourth possibility but it requires a depth of exploration that is not for this moment. It’s beyond choice.

And we continue…

A metaphor we can use to understand this a bit more is the dream state.

When we are dreaming we are either lost in the fact that we are dreaming, which is how dreaming takes most of us, or we can wake up within the dream and become lucid.

In lucidity we can co-create our dreamscape, changing and transforming our environment, flying to places that may or may not exist, meeting the deceased, stepping into unchartered landscapes.

But there is a third option and that is to do nothing but be awareness, to watch what comes, what unfolds, with no attachment or desire to change a thing.

And in this way we have three levels of creation of our reality,

These are the types of understanding and experiences that allow us to turn our world as we wish, to co-create and play in the mystery of the universe.

It’s a choice and point of view we are free to choose as we wish.

I choose my way and you choose your way and others will choose theirs.

Nothing feels better than to let others choose for themselves.

That allows for us to have a freedom to be as we wish to be, free to co-create our reality as we desire.

To unconstrained exploration of who we are,
Emeric Damian Thorpe

p.s. Sharing these messages, these experiences is tremendously beneficial and if they sing to you, do share.

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