Freedom To Let Others Be Who They Are So You Can Be Free To Be Who You Choose To Be…

Sometimes I question what everyone else is doing, when there is a breeze to be had, a cloud to watch, a conversation to share in; how magical it is the simplicity of experience.

And it comes to me, the knowing, that my freedom is for me and the more freedom I desire for myself, the greater freedom I wish for you, however it manifests, however you choose.

And in this way, I only want for you, to want for you what you want.

It may seem ridiculous to some but the path lives within this idea, that my desire for deep personal freedom can only come if I also want that same thing for you.

I can not be free without wanting for your freedom as well.

You must express your desires for freedom as you must, as a creative act of your knowing, in whatever way that may come about, an act for you, by you, for yourself, an enchanting and majestic movement to be as you choose to be.

Your choice to be free if you really want it, is the very thing that will free others if they choose it as well.

And in this way, I will support your desire to know yourself as you know yourself to be, free from social, political, and self-imposed constructs, free to create your life as you wish.

With artistry and love,

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