Your Invitation To Questing The Unknown…

Emeric Damian

My name is Emeric Damian and I will be your host as you go Questing The Unknown.

I invite you to explore the poetry of your being, while being the poetry itself.

Perhaps you will experience the subtlety of stillness, the language of lucidity, and the mystery of existence that you are.

…and might you want the greatest gift of all, the gift of freedom from wanting anything to be other than it is.

It’s lives amongst paradoxes, the gift that gives eternally

No one knows what you are capable of, but the twist is, neither do you. You are Limitless By Nature…

IMPORTANT: I am known to be blunt and to the point, while also exploring a variety of topics with a bit of wild abandon. If you are disturbed by truths than I may not be to your taste, otherwise WELCOME TO THE WAKING DREAM!

What of our lives?

all the mystery

all the wonder

all the curiosity that awaits

And that my friend is what we are exploring.

Does this intrigue you?

I hope so because the driving desire, to explore life fully, to live richly, while bringing more life to others, enthuses my existence. 

…more in a minute, why this is the best thing you could ever do for yourself.

The topics we’ll explore will vary, but they are always aimed toward growth and freedom, always with a taste of entertainment and enthusiasm.


This is a creative act, your life, and as a creative act, we must always take control of the necessity as art demands, to be free to explore as we must. 

These messages will challenge you by inviting you to see the challenges as creative acts.

You see, we intentionally throw ourselves into things that force us to be creative.

It in our nature to do so, to seek experiences, to uncover answers to mysteries we didn’t know existed.

Together we will ask questions, seek inquiry, explore mindfulness, while letting go.

You will find yourself in a shared reality, a waking dream, and all of it to take you and the world we are living in, to new heights. 

Your dream, your vision, your enthused existence engages the universe within.

It takes work, time, and practice to meet what is already there, but it’s an adventure that will fulfill you for the rest of your life.

May this site and work inspire you, and more so, instigate action with increase.

You must enter before you can return…

The quest begins long before you are ready; you are never ready, and thus you have no choice but to begin.

Let the experience be the learning, action the reward.