Your Way Is The Way And It’s The Only Way It Can Be… Here’s Why…

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Trusting Your Own Wisdom: First, we have to go on a ride…

Be nice, be kind, don’t be selfish, behave yourself, keep your mouth shut, speak only when spoken to, do as your told otherwise…

And in the end everything will be okay.

It’s a lie, everything won’t be okay.

We are a completely confused people.


We confuse the person with the person’s past.

We see a person without SEEING the person.

We take sides without realizing we have taken sides.

And we do this to ourselves.

You confuse yourself with your past. You see yourself without seeing who you are.

You have taken sides without realizing you have taken a side and thus you have bound yourself to a false identity.

You enjoy your suffering and you put yourself in situations that cause you more suffering.

You are your only problem.

I really enjoy saying that.

It’s funny isn’t it?

The truth is always subvertly comical.

Here’s another truth…

One of the best jokes I have ever heard is a fart joke; so yes, it’s juvenile, but it contains more wisdom in 10 words than any 10 hour sermon ever will.

Next time you fart

Say these very words out loud:

Did you hear what that asshole said behind my back?

And there you have within one rhetorical question, the whole of the human condition.

We create our own flatulence and then look around to see what asshole putrefied our fresh pure air.

And that is how we live our lives.

I can not tell you how many clients, how many people I have spoken with, and how many times, I too, have simply refused to get up and move to a more beautiful reality and world.

People are addicted to their own drama and even worse, they are inebriated by the dramas of others.

An aside:

I never liked rules, particularly stupid rules that are aimed at suppressing your spirit and emotional joy.

I was suspended from High School three times..

Once for wearing a t-shirt that had a beautiful bubblegum farting dog and a boy…

This shirt brought a lot of smiles to those who were caught in teenage ruminations.

It’s amazing how many ADULT people get off on suppressing others for no other reason than, what I must assume is spite and a twisted expression of a sardonic separation from their dreams.


You Must Live In A Different Reality…

Let other people have their shit…


You have to let people do whatever they are going to do and you can not change them without drowning yourself.

This is the easiest thing for people to say, yet one of the most difficult for them to do, ‘leave people to their ideas about things and focus on discovering yourself, completely.’

Your revolution is here and you are it!

Your way is the way.

To live in a way that is not yours is suicide by status quo.

Those words I do not write with lightness.

The most challenging thing you can do is embrace your way, with all the wisdom that is within you and with all the sincerity you can muster in the moment.

It is the only path to freedom and truth, your way.

People get screwed by their own doing, because they are afraid to live by their own choices.

They are always reaching out asking other people for permission of one kind or another.

terrified adults

Adults frightened to lose their own childlike joy once again, a joy that has been psychologically beaten down by the domineering forces of past programming, a past with a craggly hand scratching into their imagined futures.

But there’s a rebellion that lives within you.

It’s your internal power.

It’s potent and wonderful and it has been with since you were a child…

…like children…

None of us like to be told what to do.

We rebel against others and we comically rebel against ourselves.

It’s all a kind of joke, isn’t it.

But it’s also a source of great power and freedom.

Your Way Is The Way…

Recently, I was speaking with a client about choosing a path, way of living, to live our best lives.

What a mindfuck that is, “a best life”.

There’s no codified, united, agreed upon definition of a best life. There can’t be…

This causes a lot of people to be distraught.

People want someone else to tell them how to live their lives.


No one knows what a best life is for another person.

Yet, our world is saturated with other people telling other people, really trying to convince other people, that they know what a best lived life is.

That’s an impossibility.

A best lived life can only be known by you and it will never be repeated for another, never.

The way is uniquely yours.

You have one opportunity to live your best life, however that looks for you.

That life…

That opportunity…

Is right now, in this moment.


A best life doesn’t exist; there ‘is’ no best life separate from you choosing that there is.

You’ve got that?

There is no path, there is no way, other than your way.

You have to do whatever you must to experience it for yourself…

Freedom and genuine happiness, if they live anywhere, they live there…

But only you can find out for yourself.

It may be more true to say, that you don’t have a way either.

Here we are with words…

Revisiting The Past To Inform The Present.

Some time ago I made a video when I began coaching; you can watch it below.

I was happy to share it because the message was true…

Then something happened.

The questioning…

Is this too much?

Will it push people away.

Yes, no, maybe…

It will and that is a beautiful thing, but I pulled it from my website.



Everyone is manipulating someone and more often than not we do it in a way that is unconscious to ourselves.

It can happen in reverse as well…

It’s in the silence, in our silence, in what we don’t share.

I didn’t want people to know how I really feel about what most people call their ‘lives’.


No one actually, cares about what I think of the way they live.


I am sharing it with you.

Today it matters.

Perhaps more than ever it matters, for reasons I won’t go into at this moment.

But it’s incapsulated here in these two ideas.

These two ideas, these two primary points that I want you to contemplate.

  • Most people live terribly boring lives and they know it. Thus, it is a choice.
  • You have to be your own revolution because the choice belongs to you.

A choice… for no reason other than it is the choice you choose…

In other words, it is up to you and you alone, to choose how you want to live your life.

Also, whatever boring actually is, is relative to you.

That’s important to acknowledge. It’s also benefical to acknowledge that most everyone can be left alone because they don’t care about their lives, they don’t want to explore, and they certainly don’t want to ask.

Now, I have compassion for them but I don’t have time to spend on people who aren’t willing to spend their own time and energy on themselves.

I suggest you do the same.

My lifestyle scares my friends, makes them nervous. But that’s for them to deal with… Most people would be either terrified by the way I live or bored out of their gourds.

Here’s The Video I Mentioned Above, See Below…

No one can do it for you, thus, you have to do it alone.

It’s part of the bargain of being born.

Where Is All Of This Going?

I’d like to speak on your behalf for a moment.

And I am going to use the terrible word, “We”…

I actually don’t like the we word that much, because it is used by people, people who want to include you in their way of thinking, in their ideologies. It’s a word that is often used to put you to sleep, to get you to agree.

Like I am about to do right now… 🙂

We care about living well…

We care about living with joy and integrity.

We care about the truth and we care about true freedom.

We’ve looked at the truth and we recognized what we don’t want to acknowledge so that we can be freer to continue to step forward, proudly walking forward and living our way and doing so with open hearts and great honesty toward our knowing, even if we keep that to ourselves.

The most challenging thing you can do is embrace your way, with all the wisdom that is within you and with all the sincerity you can muster in the moment.

The question is what’s next?

What’s next for you?

I appreciate the time we’ve you’ve shared with me here.

Our greatest asset is our attention, where we place our attention and what we allow into our minds, has great impact and influence on our beings.

Your way is the way.

It’s the only way it can be.

What now?