How To Get Everything You Want In A World That Doesn’t Want You To… 

And one idea for those who don’t know what they want.

By Emeric Damian

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Disclaimer: I fully believe the world wants you to have what you want. If you are willing to actually “want”, be wanted, and then most importantly ask for it.

But I also know you most likely won’t ask for what you want for whatever reason you may have.

Together we will change that and live in a world where you create what you want even when you don’t know what it is actually want.

Quick Introduction Before The Program Begins…

You are about to move into a new reality…

Everything you want is here in this moment and yet everything you want appears to be a moment away.

Paradoxes exist in life and what comes through here will be no different.

Before you get everything you want…

I’d like you to read this page. ( 2 minutes )

This is the beginning of an audio / email program. 

In it I will share with you many powerful ideas. 

But ideas are only ideas. 

You must take action!

And I want you to measure your success, as you choose to measure it.

Let the experience be the learning and the actions the rewards…

Self-Respect, Self-Motivation and a Beautiful Selfishness…

The mission here is to give you something you can use to create your life as you wish.

You have to be wonderfully selfish, particularly while you are here with me. 

It can be difficult to understand the power of selfishness but taking care of yourself before all others, almost always benefits everyone around you.

If there is a key to living an amazing life it is this, be beautifully selfish toward being alive.

“Being your own guru, being the expert on yourself matters. It’s time for you to ask more of yourself for yourself.”

So, before you begin I want to share two concepts, two mindsets that will awaken you as you go through this process:

One is called the Mission Mindset, which is a powerful way to wrap your mind around your vision.

This will can create a moment of clarity for you. 

Vision is important when it comes to creating.

The other piece comes along with the journey, choosing for yourself to live your life as the owner of your existence

Now I will be completely transparent here, owning your existence is not as black and white, nor as binary as people want you to believe, but it can be useful to use as a tool to understand yourself and what you want to create in life. 

On we go to ‘The Mission Mindset’…

Giving YourSelf A Mission Based On Your Choice…

Having a mission is exciting and it has great potential to fast track your vision and dreams from the imagination into a reality. 

You yourself get to choose a life that is ‘just okay’, or a life so fulfilling and exciting, that if you actually become the person you want to be, you would be missed, by the person you are right now. ( read that again if it’s confusing because it’s important. )

Now… You choose.

Of course if you don’t know what mission you want to choose, that’s okay too. We’ll resolve that.


This is about living a wonderful life, however you choose to measure it, as it’s different for most but quite similar too.

I’m going to cover a few, “generic” responses in this regard, to jumpstart your mind if you are not finding it for yourself. 

Here are some universal themes: health, wealth, love and happiness… 

These general descriptors are similar areas of life that most, if not all people want to fulfill and actualize in some form or another.

But the nuances will be particular to your desires and your uniqueness. 

And thus you will have to choose for yourself what you want your mission mindset to be at this time.


What’s your Mission Mindset going to be? 

And if you still don’t know, keep reading on…

Own Yourself… Or They Will Own You…

Taking Responsibility For Your Life If You Choose…

You get to be responsible for your choices and by choosing yourself, you can play in the world as you desire as an artist of creation. 

And that is a wild way to live life, free to create and be as you wish…

And self-ownership matters more now than in any time in my life.


Because your attention is being sold off. 

And your attention is being sold of cheaply and you are willingly giving it away.


It’s still up to you to choose to give it away or to choose to do something about it.

…a few more thoughts before we begin…

You may have many questions, but one question I know you will have for yourself, or for another is, “what do I do if I don’t know what I want to do?”

And for that, I have an answer for you…

What To Do When You Don’t Know What You Want To Do? (  The No Regret Revision  ) 

Clarity and vision matter when it comes to creating a life.

But what do you do when you don’t know what you want to do?

None of us are born with a perfect clarity.

When you walk into this world not knowing where you want to place your attention, almost all of life becomes even more challenging and difficult. 

Unless you are an enlightened being, which you may be. That aside..

What do you do about it?

Here’s one path that I’d like to share with you, that you can use immediately to gain clarity and to create a vision to instantly motivate you.

I call it The No Regret Revision. 

It’s simple and I’m going to share it with you right now.

This takes all excuses, all hesitations away from you.

That’s right I am opening you up to your own expertise. 

And here is how you do it with just a few questions.

  1. What would you never regret doing?
  2. Who/how would you never regret being?
  3. What in your life has persistently bothered, nagged, and made you feel a bit pissy because you have not followed through or gone for it in a way you know would transform your life? 

Here’s a funny thing about answering these questions, they will show you you themes that matter in your life, the cycles of regret that keep turning over and over. 

And if you still don’t know what you want after exploring these questions, than good, because these questions aren’t based solely off of what you want. 

They are based on freeing you from your own suffering and dissatisfaction.

And if you choose to challenge, conquer, and overcome these themes you will automatically put yourself into a new realm of existence.

And in this realm, new opportunities will show up for you, new desires and wants will appear.

A new reality will be before you. 

In this way you will now know what it is you want. 

As always, the choice is yours.

Choose for now.

Choice is freedom, ~ Emeric Damian

What to do next: Click the link below to listen to this audio clip Owning Yourself & The Mission Mindset