How To Get Everything You Want
In A World That Doesn’t Want You To.

STEP 1: Read (Your Way Is The Way.)

Manifesto: Your Way Is The Way: The World Demands You Do As It Says : Everywhere you turn, you are told ‘how to live’, ‘how to be’, and even ‘how to die’. They Demand You Follow Their Way Or Else… Read The Manifesto »

STEP 2: Continue to read below:

She was screaming at me, “Let’s go, jump in. Jump in or I am going to throw you in.”

I probably started to cry as I was a sensitive child and I was terrified of most things, but it was 1980, I was 5, she was bigger than me, and it was apparently time for me to learn to swim. 

Into the deep end I went holding onto the edge of the pool, in the deep end flailing away.

Flailing and flailing and then holding onto the edge, and there standing above me, tall and tan was Holly, a scandinavian beauty smiling at me.

And that’s how I learned to swim, plopping and flailing with a little bit of supervision from a 22 year old woman, who had a playful sadistic streak and for some reason thought my tears were funny.

I’d like to say that the moment made me a braver child, but..

I once jumped, really fell, from the outside of an escalator when I was 3 years old, right as I came to the top of the movie entrance, as a teenager reached over the edge to save my life, terrified of strangers, I let go and fell 20 feet or more to the tile floor below. 

Speaking of jumping and flailing...

Let’s make some generalizations for the purposes of moving this conversation into the future.

There are two type of people, well there are a lot more than that, but generally speaking, there are two people, those who jump in and those who don’t.

Yes some people stick their toes in the water, but they too eventually jump. 

And once they finally jump in, well, you can’t keep them from jumping in again and again…

They fall in love with it.

Those who never jump are not going to be reading this, so let’s just get to it and throw them over the cliff… It’s for the best. 😉


If you are toes in the water and prefer to slide in… Do this:

  • Read a few more articles on the site.
  • Listen to the podcasts to get a feel for my integrity.
  • Ask questions of yourself? For example, “Is my desire strong enough that I will get whatever I want, no matter what?”
  • Get a feel for you own integrity. This is about you not me.
  • Come back here when you are ready to jump in!

Momentum is magic…

There’s something powerful that happens within, when you take action on your desires.

Those who go for it in life, they have more fun. They live with greater energy.

They are 100% more likely to get what they want than those who don’t go for it.

More importantly, they are creating a pattern of behavior within themselves that works on their behalf so they don’t have to work nearly as hard on the things that don’t matter.

In other words their energy is so powerful, so directed toward creating what they want, that they get it.

It becomes their default.

And when it becomes your default, everything shifts for the better.


Because you know first hand that nothing will stop you from creating and attracting what you want.

That attitude, is power.

When you go for it in life, you go for it, and those who go for it, reap the rewards.

It’s just how it works.

By the way…

The reward of simply knowing that you are capable to create when you choose to, is a creation within itself.

Your very being carries a prowess of knowing and that knowing allows for not needing to know.

Not needing to know, is freeing…

You see, what you gain, is freedom from decision fatigue.

Let me share something so friggin’ powerful that most people ignore it.

You probably will ignore it too.

Having one foot in and foot out will waste more energy and resources than you will ever be able to measure.

I am not talking about indecision alone. I am specifically talking about commitment and desire or lack of both.

You and I have no choice, we are all in or we are not.

Being all in matters and if there was ever a secret to creating what you want, commitment and desire are the entrance fees you must pay.

I require it of my one on one clients, they have to agree to full payment up front, with no refunds.

When someone invests 10k for example, they have to be all in and nothing says commitment like money.

But not just money alone…

It’s your level of sincerity and integrity…

Yes, I know this program isn’t expensive, and you may even scoff at the price, but the price of the program is not what’s important, the price of your sincerity and integrity is.

It matters and it’s one of the hidden places where happiness comes from that most people never recognize.

We will speak about this inside the program and why the people that are genuinely happy live by this truth.

If you want to be happy, truly happy, the kind of happiness that isn’t in a smile, but in the eyes, than heed these words.

  • Integrity and sincerity for yourself and mostly for yourself matters. ( That was redundant on purpose. )
  • The person who is willing to do what they say for themselves alone, when no one else is looking, is the one who wins in life.
  • Of all the people I speak to, they are at their best, at their happiest, even when they are struggling, when they are in integrity with themselves.
  • What self integrity is, varies from person to person. You must discover that for yourself. And then do your best to live from there, innocently and open to it.

You have to answer for yourself to yourself, for it is the way.

It’s your way…

It’s difficult before it is easy, to embrace your way, with all the wisdom that is within you and with all the sincerity you can muster in the moment…

Your way is always the way, because has to be.




Can you really get everything you want in the world?

It doesn’t matter what I think.

But, my answer is absolutely yes.

Will I ever get everything I want, I already have. But there’s more…

The question is will you get everything you want in life and if you knew you could, will you still want to.

What’s next?