( GITM ) Own Yourself + The Mission Mindset [ Part 1 of 5 ]

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Earlier I said, “I fully believe the world wants you to have what you want”.

If you are willing to want it and ask for it and act on it, it will be given in some form or another.

But I also know you most likely won’t ask for what you want for whatever reason you may have.

I am stating it again, because, I want you to be as honest as you can be with yourself about where you are not allowing yourself to desire.


Audio ( 0 ) : The Beginning Before The Beginning…

What’s this about and why you might want to try it on for yourself.

Go forward don’t look back, action, action, action…

…but not just any action, wise, asymmetric, exponential actions that will help you let go of that which doesn’t serve you, so you can attend to that which fulfills and energizes you.

The mission mindset is wisdom in stillness and in action.

It’s fun and feels good to have a mission.

It’s exciting and it has great potential to fast track your vision, your way of being.

Perhaps you will go from living a life that is just okay, to creating a life that fulfills your yearnings.

However you choose to measure that, however you choose to live, your life will be particular to your desires and your uniqueness.

To being your own Guru,
Emeric Damian Thorpe

Let’s Dig Deeper Into The Idea of Ownership…

The story behind questing the unknown and specifically How To Get Everything You Want In A World That Doesn’t Want You To from now on called GITM ( pronounced Get ‘Em ) came about from my experience with hundreds of client conversations and years of observations of the human creature.

Every client I have had has this one thing in common, “The desire to live a life on their own terms“.

In other words, they want to be in control of their time and their life.

They literally want to OWN THEMSELVES!

Flip that statement around and you see the opposite is being owned by another or by others.

This is important to look at because it’s subtle, ownership.

People often think being owned equals a literal ball in chain slavery, a work slavery where your passport has been taken and you are locked into a factory, slaving away 16 hours a day, only to do it again and then again, until you are to feeble to move your poor body.

What I am sharing with you is the subtle ownership that is pernicious due to it’s subtlety.

I’m speaking of societal norms, of culture, of the silent pressure that comes from friends and family to be one or another.

I’m speaking of that little voice in your head that is always whispering to you, telling you that you are doing things wrong, telling you that you are fraud, an impostor, a fake.

I’m speaking of all the programming that is in your mind that doesn’t serve your best self.

Now we may never be able to get free of the influences of others, including that voice in our head, but we certainly can put them in their place.

We will discuss how to do that later on as we move through the program.

But for now, it’s important to recognize that you are on a mission, on a quest, and you are taking ownership of your life and your choices from this point forward.

Your way…

…even when it is frightening, is the way.

Here’s a tip: maintain compassion with yourself and with others…

It really let’s you get aways with a lot.

Truthfully, it’s a heroic adventure you are on and it should be fun and a joy, even when it sucks.

It’s a lifelong journey that most never take. But your time is now and it’s time for you to ask more for yourself and of yourself.”


The phrase, “It’s a lifelong journey“, is a kind of soft lie.

How do we really know that it’s a lifelong journey?

I am still alive; you are still alive.

Could it be that you actually do arrive; that you make it to a place, a state of being?

Could it be that you already have arrived?


You have to own “your way”, your own path.

It’s the only way though, your way.

I will leave it there for now, but just keep in mind this one idea:

Your way is unique to you and no one else can tell you, show you, or give you the map to your life.

By exploring and experiencing your way as the way, you will be free to live your life.

There will be more on this topic over the coming days.

I think you will be gleefully surprised by what you discover about yourself as you explore what it actually means that, “Your Way Is The Way“.

Welcome to the journey.

Welcome to your truth.

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