(003) You Are At The Center of The Universe And Why It Matters…

The Ultimate Truth About You and Your Freedom

Question: What are you aware of, lucidly aware of?

Awareness is the one thing, the one absolute truth, a center point for our experience of life.

The gradation… The spectrum… The subtlety of stillness…

Awareness coupled with your ability to put your attention where you wish will turn you into the freest being on earth.

So in this show, we are briefly going to take a look at what I believe is the most curious concept that any of us will ever have the opportunity to divine.

But as with all things I share, I ask for you to let it be your own experience, question what I’m saying and see if it is so for yourself.


Take this as a fascinating starting point for our exploration of Questing The Unknown.

Everything you experience, if you choose to see it from this point of view, is open to the attitude of your interpretation.

When we are coming from a place of seeing through our world and into our own conceptions we are much closer to co-creating our reality as we wish than when we are flatlanding.

And I prefer to fly.

Here’s to adventure, love, and awakening,
Emeric Damian Thorpe

p.s. I would love for you to share Questing The Unknown, as part of the challenge of reaching more people. To questing…

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