The ( Membership Addition ) To Questing The Unknown a New Quest For You…

Into the weird world of an existence that doesn’t make sense to most, to the status-quo, bored with life, unwilling to take an adventure, and experience the amazing opportunities that live before them.

The concept is simple.

We don’t live like most and I don’t share with everyone.

Somethings I will only share with you.

Everything I am curious about has to do with living a more wonderful life and that terrifies the average person.

And everything I create lives to awaken us to a clearer more lucid experience of life, to a deeper understanding, and a more wonderful experience.

And that confuses most people who don’t take time to create self awareness.

Mind slaves… They choose to be…

Free minds for you and me…


These courses, while they’re specific to particular ideas and outcomes they’re ultimately designed to create greater autonomy, awareness, and freedom for you and for me.


You are about to take part in a thought and doing experiment that will transform the way you see the world from now on.

The Courses Include:


The Guardian and The Guru…


( live now ) How To Get Everything You Want When The World Is Working Against You.


( live now ) 21 Days of Playing With Your Mind & The World Around You. ( FREE )


Modern Mystics In Training ( Special Invite Only )


The Laziness Ultimatum a Manifesto Sort Of… ( Donation Only )

The course to understand the power of laziness and why society has you confused about what it means to be lazy and how they have specifically targeted the ideal, to make you a slave to their message and thus a commodity to be used and abused.