The Peace That Is Within…

Many days I spend walking upon the sands alone.

There’s a beach near me.

Foz Do Lizandro…

It’s quiet.

It’s tranquil.

It’s eerily empty and gloriously wonderful to experience.

Over 15 years ago, perhaps more, I wanted to come to Portugal.

I didn’t.

It’s been a regret of mine, as 15 years ago I was in Madrid, a train ride away from Lisbon.

A woman invited me, but I turned her down as I had a girlfriend and it was clear where it would be heading.


Time passed…

And I arrived.

Today a local told me that being here right now is similiar to what life was like in Portugal 20 years ago.

There are few tourists.

The weekends are primarily Portuguese people coming for sun.

But they work during the week.

The week is empty.

It’s glorious.

It seems I am experiencing something like what it would have been like 15 years ago.


Here’s a video from a few days ago.

It’s beautiful but it’s still life.

There’s perfection and yet there’s something missing.

Even though there isn’t.

There always is.

~ Emeric

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