Where Are You Now Emeric Damian?

The Valley of Trees In São Lourenço Portugal 17th February 2022

Hello my love,

The world winds around the winds…

The sky talks…

The clouds whisper…

The creatures that are not to be seen, speak upon the greens, “my dear, you have come to share with us in a moment of time, the divine mystery of a being who travels without a mind”.

And so it is…

There are many words to share, walks to be had, conversations to let go of. Life lives me, as it does you.

That is the dance we are all in.

To dancing when alone and whilst among others, even if they’re not human.

Emeric Damian

What’s important to me at this time?

…bringing the joy, the inspiration, and enjoying life as much as I am able and more than I am yet aware of.

It’s an understanding that goes on forever, but once you are there, you are there.

Also, the gratitude for being, for simply existing, bubbles up from within.

It’s the feeling I wish to share most with you, gratitude for being.

It’s why this site exists to begin with, to explore the unknown, but not only for the sake of exploration, but to share the experience of being alive.

I Have Been Called A Mirror Into Alternate Realities…

It’s the letting go and thus silencing forever the thoughts that create us that aren’t us, that intrigues me.

The way we move with them as if they are us, until we see that they aren’t, and then the questions speak differently, about, who we might be.

And then a strange space opens and we begin to see, that which isn’t, never could be.

Oh the mystery of co-creating realities…

Here are a few common questions I am often asked, interesting questions to ponder, for many.

Here are a few of the questions that others inquire about, asking me what my take is, what I know of them, how I can open up their eyes to seeing.

  1. What is genuine happiness?
  2. How do you know if you are making the right choice?
  3. Why do I feel like a fraud?
  4. Why can’t I choose one thing to do with my life?
  5. How do I stop letting other people’s opinions affect me?
  6. What does it mean to live a good life?
  7. How do I know what to do, when I have no idea what to do?
  8. How do I deal with death, knowing I am going to die some day?
  9. ( My Answer To These Questions, “You go first. And then let us see where we arrive together.” )

And the questions flow and continue…

Perhaps you saw a question of your own in that list.

It’s compassion that we begin with and the questions come next.

The path to knowing yourself is challenging, and that’s a beautiful thing.

But you will never know yourself, if you don’t allow yourself to get to know yourself.

And that process requires a willingness to experiment and most importantly to be in conversation, primarily with yourself, and sometimes with another.

By the way, the other doesn’t have to be a human being…

Audio : Answers, “What Is Happiness?“…

Emeric Damian

But before you press play, I would love if you gave yourself a moment to answer the questions above, the questions, like, “What is happiness?

I went for a walk into the darkness of the evening and I recorded an audio for you:

Listen to the Audio Here

Or go here and take a listen to, “Your Way Is The Way“.

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