( S.Q.C. ) What Now? ( 3 of 3 )

Sacred Quest Coaching: Life Coach Starter Series…

From Sintra Portugal,
11 July, 2017
Emeric Damian

Dear Coach,

Thank you for coming along on this short journey.

I have a few bonus audio tracks for you below.

But first…

Momentum is magic…

  • Do you want this?
  • What will you choose to do now?
  • Will you take your skills and ability to the next level?
  • Are you willing to get paid to be who you are?

I want you to succeed, but you must choose for yourself, what path to walk.

Who knows what you will do and where you will go from here.

You are on your own adventure.

You are your own Guru.

I can only guide you for a time.

So, at this point I offer you two options, two options to keep it simple…

I want you to take part in the The Master Coaching Quest or Become a Member of The Online Coaching Intensive.

Both will accelerate your ability to coach. That’s all there is to it.

I want you to have success as fast and as soon as possible.


Bonus Material from The Master Coaching Quest…

I want to give you two additional audio clips from my Master Coaching Quest.

It’s important as you go along on your journey toward mastery that you practice what’s being shared, but also that you have at a minimum a few concepts to carry you along.

  1. Leading the conversation…
  2. Practicing your numbers out loud…

Nothing will work for you better than doing the very thing you want to do.

Experience is the way.

Learn and then practice; have the experience and learn.

Always ask after you do anything and everything.

What did I learn?

This is the journey to self mastery, self knowledge, and freedom to live the life you choose to create for your self.