( GITM ) Your Time Is Your Time & Your Time Is Now! [ 2 of 5 ]

When will you let yourself be wanted? ::: It was a one on one coaching conversation, I could see into her and I knew what was happening. It’s my job to ask uncomfortable questions, but I owed it to her, so I asked, “When will you let yourself be wanted?” She began to cry. It was her truth and she was free.

Most people struggle to ask for what they want.

Those that do know what they want often don’t know how to ask for it.

One of the simplest, yet most important conversations I can have with you is around speaking your truth about what you actually want.

For most people:

  • It’s difficult.
  • It’s challenging.
  • It’s embarrassing.
  • And it’s frustrating, because it seems simple to say but proves otherwise.

One glaring example of this is when people say they want one thing, then they do anything and everything but simply go directly to the thing they want.

It’s like the woman or man who never asks the person they really like to go on a date, instead they ask that person’s best friend.

There are a thousand different examples of this, but what is important is for you to ask the questions of yourself.

What do I want and will I go directly for it; will I allow myself to have what I want.

Speak your truth in the mirror.

Rehearse it.

Find your power within…

The Importance of Self Expertise & Creating Your Own Breakthroughs…

Because no one can do it for you…

There is not a quote or an inspirational book or another human being that can make it happen for you.

You are your own breakthrough

And you can create your own breakthrough as well. But it’s up to you.

Audio 1: You Do What You Want & That’s Truth!

The Great Experiment That Is You!

What would you do, if you took your ‘Life’ on a journey?

I mean that literally.

Imagine stepping aside from yourself as if you are two people, one being you the guide and the guru, and one being the person you want to show the world to.

It may feel strange, but isn’t this what you already do is some sense?

Imagine that, feel into it, explore it, let yourself take yourself on a journey.

Audio 2: It’s Your Life And You Get To Choose…

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