Appreciation and Life Coaching, A Private Path To A Conversation About Appreciating Your Life…

Emeric Damian

Some call it life coaching…

…a generic term…

It creates a separation between life and living.

Life is too mystical and mysterious in nature to be compartmentalized.

Life coaching doesn’t mean much of anything.

But what about this, your work, our work, is to bring more life to life.

What if…

It means taking care of yourself in the most beautiful and powerful way, whatever that looks like for you.

What if our relationship is about “being” the journey into the radical experience of being alive, of experiencing more of life itself.

Life is about the discovery of a dream, of a life to explore, of a masterpiece to create and paradoxically it’s about being already in the living of it.

We are a movement toward an understanding of our existence, a play in the world that gives us the opportunity to express the fullness of our desires, to be free to explore and tease out the experience of life as we desire, or as it desires for us.

What if…

You are the guardian of your story, and both of it and in it.

What story would you love to live?

What a conversation to partake in.

What if...

That’s for you to discover,
Emeric Damian

What to understand about this work…

Human relationships, touching the truth, being valued and appreciated are held to high-esteem in my world.

You are not a template, nor a formula, you are a human being, with unique desires, values, and challenges.

The work is in service to you.

A few words for coaches as well as for potential coaching clients…

I have a belief that coaches, unknown to most of them, are modern day mystics in training; many, if not most, are naive to what it is they are partaking in, yet they’re alive with the joys of discovery.

My work here is to turn them on to that truth, to turn them onto their own knowing.

These are some of the things you may do as a coach:

  • Coaches understand and believe in creating realities.
  • Coaches get that they can chose their response and reaction to the world.
  • Coaches experience the grace of the unknown.
  • Coaches transform and change lives by changing and transforming themselves.

You are that if you are a coach and this is just the beginning.

You will understand this if you are a coach and if you are not yet a coach then this may be even more important for you to come to know.

The truth about the above is that these are acquired abilities and everyone has them or experiences them to some degree.

The question is really how masterful do you want to be?

You will get there eventually if you are meant to get there, if you choose to..

I will only point the way…

  • Coaches bend reality.
  • Coaches are creators, artist, and alchemists.
  • Coaches desire to get to the truth above all else.
  • Coaches seek connection with the individual
  • Coaches know the power of personal connection and conversation

One thing understood and experienced can transform everything…

Your story about who you actually are and who you are being.

What if you can take the best of your past and let go of the rest and create your future freely and with excitement.

That’s it for me.

I hold nothing back.

When we work together we will have no contracts, but powerful agreements.

With deep sincerity to living a rich fulfilling life,

Emeric Damian

p.s. I am here to help you become a master of service, a master of presence, and a master of transformation.

Ultimately this is what coaching is about; it’s the label we’ve given to those who wish to help others live gloriously.

That’s what you are doing, you are helping people help others, period.

Your gift is presence and the ability to attend and there is nothing more valuable.

  • I have a NO money back guarantee.
  • Again, there are no refunds in my world around my work.
  • It’s really simple for both of us.
  • I want you to trust in your own truth because it matters.

Simplifying my life so that I have more time and space to attend to what is important and most valuable to me, which is serving those who are a part of my community, means that I demand that I honor myself by making this clear, lucid, and simple.

If we work together I will take you through a process that will allow you to also find the peace in simplifying your life.

You can think of one as an exploration of the nature of existence and as an exploration to realize your external wants and needs as well.

It’s not a beginning, it is a continuation of discovering and expressing the wisdom that already exists within you.