( GITM ) Fast Path To Your Pleasure [ 3 of 5 ]


At The Nice Way Hostel, Sintra Portugal

Important: In this section you are going to experience two of the most profound and potentially life transforming ideas, that if you actually take action on.. Your life will change and whatever it is you want will come to you with a greater ease than you can imagine.


People want to help you.

In life…

A win win relationship matters and makes life so much more fun.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, Empathetic Joy?

It’s the idea that you gain pleasure from other’s success and joy.

That is how I live.

I want the best for you as you see fit.

The more joy you live with, the more joy comes to me.

It’s a beautiful idea.

And no where else in this course will empathetic joy come more alive than doing what I’m sharing with you now.

Use it…

To creating miracles,
Emeric Damian Thorpe

The Circle To Create What You Want With Greater Ease and Joy… (9:10)

This is a very powerful practice.

Use it wisely and watch your life come to life as you desire.

The Model: use it for one thing that you want to come to fruition.

Watch the video or listen to the audio.

Remember, we are working backwards from what you want to understand the model, but then you are to begin from the outer circle to build and create your journey inwards.

Then use it again.

Audio 6: 


Audio 7: 

Environments, Energy, and Ease…

Environment and energy = ease of or difficulty of creation…

Audio 8: