( GITM ) The Adventure to Accept A Calling… ( 4 of 5 )

From Praia do Sol, Ericeira Portugal

Paradox: Ah… counterintuitive ideas that are powerful. Slow down to speed up… Everyone is moving so fast, so fast.




Taking Your Time To Speed Up

There’s something powerful that comes from taking action, by first slowing down, and slowing down in this sense doesn’t mean going slow, but more of a letting go of all of the madness that is distracting your mind, and stealing your attention.

Work that isn’t the work you wish to be doing, work that isn’t the work you wish to partake in, is very much a distraction as well.

Slowing down to speed up…

And doing the essential and letting go of the rest…

This will be bring a kind of peace and ease to your actions and mind…

This is what is meant by slowing down to speed up.

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A Way Of Seeing Yourself…

There’s no doubt that the mind will settle into an emptiness, but when creating for a particular outcome, seeing ourselves in a particular light matters.

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