Show 003: Jack Forem – Author, Spiritual Teacher, & Friend…

“Your universality will have its own individuality,” Jack Forem

Early in January 1970, I found myself arriving at the New Delhi airport…

Jack Forem embodies a wonderful conversation with the idea of living a life of questing, of exploring and living into the question as a way of being.

He’s an author, ghostwriter, spiritual teacher, husband, friend, and infinitely more.

But I know him as I know him and it’s in this vein that I invite you into a conversation with the two of us.

But first, stories…

All of us have stories that precede the meeting of others, as you and I know each other from this point in time, a point where our stories and history precede our relationship.

Who you were, who I once was, no longer is; yet it carries in our memory as if it’s so. [click to continue…]

Consciousness and The Movies: A Short Inquiry Into Reality ( movie )

There are movies that stay before their time, even as their time comes to pass.

Strange Days plays in this way, a carnival of chaos through the mind and into the future of what appears to be our coming soon reality.

Take the movie for a moment and let it dance for you as it will.

And if your mind is open you will perhaps see things you knew to be true, while also experiencing the coming of another time.

It’s in the mix, the turning of today and tomorrow.

Here’s a trailer for you to catch a taste of the 1995 release of Strange Days.

Consciousness is not understood: No matter what they say, but…

To get an idea of what we don’t know, while also being turned on to the possibility of knowing, I suggest reading this article from the BBC.

It cuts through the false ‘knowing’ that is often presented about consciousness by pointing at the ideas around it, as ideas and potential areas to further investigate consciousness and the quantum.

Whatever that might mean!

These ideas are speculative, and it may turn out that quantum physics has no fundamental role either for or in the workings of the mind.

Click here to continue reading the article on The Strange Link Between The Human Mind and Quantum Physics.

The Big But…

There’s a definition of consciousness that I’ve been taught, and it feels like the clearest definition I have found even though it falls completely short of what I want to know about consciousness.

Consciousness is cognizant and luminance; awareness and illumination itself.

It’s a great base to begin with and it feels as real as we can know from what we know until we know what we know from going in and doing the work of introspection, calming the mind, sharpening the focus, and asking the questions as we explore the nature of consciousness.

All of the ideas in this issue are shared here to assist you and myself in knowing the questions for ourself as an experience. 

To curiosity and desire to awaken,
Emeric Damian Thorpe


The Nature of Reality is my fascination & here’s a favorite voice on the topic ( video )

I’ll let this breakthrough in it’s own way for you to explore.

The following video was filmed by: 

The Nature of Reality: A Dialogue Between a Buddhist Scholar and a Theoretical Physicist
Featuring Alan Wallace and Sean Carroll, and mediated by theoretical physicist Marcelo Gleiser { © 2017 Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Engagement (ICE). All Rights Reserved. }

Musing for the sake of expression…

The joy and tumult of existence, of feeling ourselves thoroughly to the bone, are expressed lucidly in this piece.

The clouds are crying too, today. It will be alright, as you already know.

Self-Refinement Through the Wisdom of the Ages: New Year’s Resolutions from Some of Humanity’s Greatest Minds

What is a glistening particle?

You are of course!

And while, I prefer to know and discuss your journey, the script was flipped a few months ago, when a former client of mind, Jane Ellen asked to interview me for her Glistening Particle podcast.

It was a pleasure, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Episode 22: Emeric the mirror

We discussed:

The journey into the radical experience of being alive, of experiencing more of life itself, of the discovery of a dream, of a life to explore, of a masterpiece to create, of being a movement toward an understanding of our existence, a play in the world that gives us the opportunity to express the fullness of our desires, to be free to play and tease out the experience of life as we desire.

You are the guardian of your story, and both of it and in it.

What story would you love to live?

With curiosity,