(004) Jack Forem – Author, Spiritual Teacher, & Friend…

Jack Forem embodies a wonderful conversation with the idea of living a life of questing, of exploring and living into the question as a way of being. He's an author, ghostwriter, spiritual teacher, husband, friend, and infinitely more. But I know him as I know him and it's in this vein that I invite you into [...]


(003) You Are At The Center of The Universe And Why It Matters…

The Ultimate Truth About You and Your Freedom Question: What are you aware of, lucidly aware of? Awareness is the one thing, the one absolute truth, a center point for our experience of life. The gradation... The spectrum... The subtlety of stillness... Awareness coupled with your ability to put your attention where you wish will turn you [...]

(005) The Philosophy That Would Save The World: A Conversation about Rape, Veganism, Murder, & Manipulation of Minds…

In this episode: Consent as a movement to live upon... You are 9 years old, in a dead sleep, a scream tears through the night, and you find yourself standing next to your 14 year old sister holding her hand before a locked bedroom door. An eternity or a flash of a moment, it opens... [...]

When you wish to fall asleep but can’t… ( A reading of Rumi )

A friend, a few friends, missed my reading to them... They requested I read them the rhythm of one kind or another, a movement to ease their minds, to relax their spirits, and touch their being. I chose the words of Rumi, and I learned a new word as well. Perhaps, when you are desiring [...]

What We Think We Know About Consciousness We Don’t Know About Consciousness. ( Curation )

To get an idea of what we don't know, while also being turned on to the possibility of knowing, I suggest reading this article from the BBC. It cuts through the false 'knowing' that is often presented about consciousness by pointing at the ideas around it, as ideas and potential areas to further investigate consciousness [...]