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Questing The Unknown As A Way To Explore Love, Adventure, and Awakening…

We’re on a journey together to create your life, to explore the edges of reality, as well as the very moment that you are living right now.

We’ll be going on an expedition together, into what I call, “Questing The Unknown“.

Living in the question, opening up to the mystery, exploring and living life open and aware to the experience of life itself, the very thing we are, is where we play.

Overall, the ultimate quest is to free you to be you as you wish, to discover who you are and how you want to be in the world.

The quest is for full liberation and awakening, whatever that might be.

This is what we’ll be exploring.

This the journey to Questing The Unknown!

To an unconventional awakening,
Emeric Damian Thorpe

Let’s go right at it.

I will not give you what everyone else does.

I can tell you things about yourself that you didn’t know, tap into your desires, your wants and make your life flow.

There are words that can be used, persuasion to be abused, to get you to do, what you didn’t know you wished to.

I leave you with this diatribe, for reasons I can express.


All I want for any one is to live a life of joy, of freedom, and of awakened rapture.


The pain of knowing that you must become an expert on yourself, if you really want to live the life you desire, must be realized.

And that is what I am sharing with you.

Everything else is a joke, a waste of your time.

You want what you want for whatever reason that you want it.

That’s your quest.

And I am going to support you on that journey.

That is what this is about.

Living the truth that exists before you.

Again, we can manipulate you; we can do things to your mind to get you addicted to what we are sharing.

But we won’t.

You must at all costs become the expert on yourself, because what is here and what is coming is going to destroy you, enslave you, and bind you if you aren’t vigilant.


That is just the way it is.

Here’s to your freedom!

You are bringing your self so much suffering with all your doing, with all your wanting, with all your madness around creating.

We are going to start doing nothing together.

And you are going to come with me to be a master of doing nothing.

And in this you will see something you’ve most likely only glimpsed but haven’t sincerely seen.

It’s time to experience nothing.

This is my offer to the world, a channel, a communication about doing and being nothing so that you can be everything you are.

And when you experience this, only then might you actually be able to do something.

I’ll be bringing you more in this regard, because it is necessary.


The Ultimate Truth About You and Your Freedom

Question: What are you aware of, lucidly aware of?

Awareness is the one thing, the one absolute truth, a center point for our experience of life.

The gradation… The spectrum… The subtlety of stillness…

Awareness coupled with your ability to put your attention where you wish will turn you into the freest being on earth.

So in this show, we are briefly going to take a look at what I believe is the most curious concept that any of us will ever have the opportunity to divine. [click to continue…]

Embracing The Unknown…

[ transcripts of the audio ]

Questing the unknown is a metaphor it’s an idea; it’s a way of living and experiencing the world.

It’s an idea that for me allows me to open up to what seems to be the impossible which is also the possible.

It sounds a little bit convoluted because it is, words are often like this; the words aren’t necessarily the thing.

The message isn’t the thing.

But these are [click to continue…]

Early in January 1970, I found myself arriving at the New Delhi airport…

Jack Forem embodies a wonderful conversation with the idea of living a life of questing, of exploring and living into the question as a way of being.

He’s an author, ghostwriter, spiritual teacher, husband, friend, and infinitely more.

But I know him as I know him and it’s in this vein that I invite you into a conversation with the two of us.

“Your universality will have its own individuality,” Jack Forem

But first, stories…

All of us have stories that precede the meeting of others, as you and I know each other from this point in time, a point where our stories and history precede our relationship.

Who you were, who I once was, no longer is; yet it carries in our memory as if it’s so. [click to continue…]