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The Ultimate Truth About You and Your Freedom

Question: What are you aware of, lucidly aware of?

Awareness is the one thing, the one absolute truth, a center point for our experience of life.

The gradation… The spectrum… The subtlety of stillness…

Awareness coupled with your ability to put your attention where you wish will turn you into the freest being on earth.

So in this show, we are briefly going to take a look at what I believe is the most curious concept that any of us will ever have the opportunity to divine. [click to continue…]

In this episode: Consent as a movement to live upon…

You are 9 years old, in a dead sleep, a scream tears through the night, and you find yourself standing next to your 14 year old sister holding her hand before a locked bedroom door.

An eternity or a flash of a moment, it opens…

And there on the other side, your mother with blood dripping down her naked body.

The police arrive, and all you remember is the flash of a crime scene camera echoing off the mirror behind the bed and deep into your eyes, forever lost in memory.

What happened, what happens, what was and what wasn’t, unfolds upon life’s breath.

And this is a touch of that story…

Topics Discussed:

  • Rape and Recovery
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Memories
  • Story & Reification
  • Loss of loved ones
  • Friendship and Betrayal
  • Initiations and Razing
  • Veganism & Consent
  • Why people appear absurd…

An addendum:

Why veganism and the crazy standards non-vegans have…

There’s a complete dissonance in almost all people and by that I mean they are delusional and don’t want to know.

And it’s expected that if you are vegan than you must either be super healthy athletically gifted or frail and weak and a few months away from dying.

It’s curious that in the conversation there often is a misunderstanding that the majority of the population and that is mostly everyone, lacks some form of something in their lives.

I’ve yet to meet anyone in person, who actually lives these ideals perfectly. Yet, for some reason it is not allowed for vegans to be human.

It’s a great way of looking at people, searching for their foibles, for your conceived weaknesses.

As that all makes it easier to ignore looking at your own life, whether you live well or not.

For example, I call this the ice cream argument, this is when someone says, ‘I tried being a vegan but it just didn’t work out for me, I didn’t have any energy, and felt sluggish, as they eat a pint of ice cream, while telling me about some other issue they have with their body now.

This has happened so many times in my life that I find it hyper-absurd, even though I understand what is actually being said.

And that is, “It’s a challenge to be healthy and vibrant, to be fit and lucid.” But that isn’t veganisms fault, it is yours.

Because it’s challenging to be healthy and fit, whether vegan or not.

To living a life of consent,
Emeric Damian





A friend, a few friends, missed my reading to them…

They requested I read them the rhythm of one kind or another, a movement to ease their minds, to relax their spirits, and touch their being.

I chose the words of Rumi, and I learned a new word as well.

Perhaps, when you are desiring a kind of meditation you will find this to fill that moment.

Hugs and love,

A fakir, or faqir (/fəˈkɪər/; Arabic: فقیر‎ (noun of faqr)), derived from faqr (Arabic: فقر‎, “poverty”) is a person who is self-sufficient and only possesses the spiritual need for God. Faqirs are Sufi Muslim ascetics who have taken vows of poverty and worship, renouncing all relations and possessions

You are bringing your self so much suffering with all your doing, with all your wanting, with all your madness around creating.

We are going to start doing nothing together.

And you are going to come with me to be a master of doing nothing.

And in this you will see something you’ve most likely only glimpsed but haven’t sincerely seen.

It’s time to experience nothing.

This is my offer to the world, a channel, a communication about doing and being nothing so that you can be everything you are.

And when you experience this, only then might you actually be able to do something.

I’ll be bringing you more in this regard, because it is necessary.


Jack Forem and Emeric Damian on Questing The Unknown

Early in January 1970, I found myself arriving at the New Delhi airport…

Jack Forem embodies a wonderful conversation with the idea of living a life of questing, of exploring and living into the question as a way of being.

He’s an author, ghostwriter, spiritual teacher, husband, friend, and infinitely more.

But I know him as I know him and it’s in this vein that I invite you into a conversation with the two of us.

“Your universality will have its own individuality,” Jack Forem

But first, stories…

All of us have stories that precede the meeting of others, as you and I know each other from this point in time, a point where our stories and history precede our relationship.

Who you were, who I once was, no longer is; yet it carries in our memory as if it’s so. [click to continue…]

To get an idea of what we don’t know, while also being turned on to the possibility of knowing, I suggest reading this article from the BBC.

It cuts through the false ‘knowing’ that is often presented about consciousness by pointing at the ideas around it, as ideas and potential areas to further investigate consciousness and the quantum.

Whatever that might mean!

We don’t know what we think we know and we know it…

Click here to continue reading the article on The Strange Link Between The Human Mind and Quantum Physics.

The Big But…

There’s a definition of consciousness that I’ve been taught, and it feels like the clearest definition I have found even though it falls completely short of what I want to know about consciousness.

Consciousness is cognizant and luminance; awareness and illumination itself.

It’s a great base to begin with and it feels as real as we can know from what we know until we know what we know from going in and doing the work of introspection, calming the mind, sharpening the focus, and asking the questions as we explore the nature of consciousness.

All of the ideas in this issue are shared here to assist you and myself in knowing the questions for ourself as an experience. 

To curiosity and desire to awaken,
Emeric Damian Thorpe