Why You Want To Give Me Your Email In Exchange For These Transformational Messages…

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I create online products and I do most everything via email!

I will share with you why.

To get your email right now, I am going to ask for your name and email.

And then I am going to share with you one of the most transformational messages you will ever receive.

And it’s free…


This is not advice, it’s a suggestion, a contemplation… A call to ask yourself if you are throwing away inordinate, crazy amounts of your time and energy.

WHAT I WANT TO SAY HERE IS THAT : I make my living writing emails, selling people on trusting themselves, and reflecting back to them there own inner wisdom.

And thus…

The transformation…

Paid vs Free…

Three options…

( you can skip all the glory of the secret doctrine and go here instead )

What Do You Want From This One Life Of Yours?

What to know about our first conversation and what I ask of you:

  1. Be willing to be you.
  2. The first conversation is my gift to you.

A few words about working with me. I set high standards and I have great expectations of you.

You come to me because you want more from life, not just to continue getting the same results.

We’re here, you and I, together to create a masterful life and to enjoy it fully.

You’re here for reason. You want something. You know it and I know it.

I’m looking for one new client, perhaps you.

And I just like to be upfront about it because that’s how I work open and honest. I’m looking for people who want to have breakthroughs in their lives and in their work.

Let’s Find Out What That Is.

There’s no pressure to go beyond the first session. Again, if it’s a fit for both of us than we can talk about what it looks like to work together.

Everyone I’ve had conversations with has gained from it, everyone.

Expect to hear from me within 48 hours!

To a well lived life,
Emeric Damian Thorpe

One Insight Changes Everything:

Have you ever experienced the power of an insight, an ‘ah-ha’ moment that shifted everything for you?

Imagine having insight after insight around any area that’s slowing you down?

You would move right through it with grace and ease. 

  • What if you have a powerful conversation and your life is changed forever? You might just want to keep having them.
  • What if this one investment in yourself leads to continual abundance and fulfillment? I’m talking about investing in your idea, in your self, in your inner knowing. You might just keep investing.
  • What if instead of looking for instant gratification you go for mastery. What if you said to yourself, “This is what I’m doing and nothing is going to stop me.”

Say that a few times and tell me how it feels.

That’s the power of a mission worthy of you; that’s how you turn on the world.

That’s why we will plunge-in.

You will gain clarity and then follow it with action so powerful, so fulfilling, that you will have no doubt what it means to live a turned on life.

You will be it, the very essence of life itself.

My Life Is About:

  • Exploring consciousness and the mind
  • Writing and Reading
  • Athleticism
  • Liberation for the individual
  • Human Potential
  • Performance Philosophy
  • Mindfulness
  • Having Conversations With Amazing People

Turn Me On Coaching Is About Me Turning You On To Your Inner Knowing and Then Not Letting You Stop Until You Are Turning On The World.

Email me right away at TurnMeOnCoaching@gmail.com and we’ll transform the world together.