Why Do They Always Say Curiosity Killed The Cat?

The answer: They are afraid…

  • They’re afraid of life.
  • Of being embarrassed…
  • Of being wrong…
  • Of making a wrong choice…
  • Of what other’s will say about them…
  • and… It goes on and on…


You know life lives better, with more joy and freedom, when you leave the world of settling for what everyone else does to live your own life?

We are not moving in the way that they do.

We are curious to know more, to experience more, and to be free from the entrapment of lame thinking.

We are on a quest…


What You Will Get by Joining:

  • Unbridled stories of those who are living their lives despite the doubts and fears.
  • Access to my course on “How to get everything you want, in a world that appears hostile to your desires.
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  • Monthly Q & A where I answer your most pressing questions.
  • An opportunity to join my private membership that I cap at 150 people, each 6 months.
  • And… Anything else I decide to share with you.

This is required reading!

I’m a bit different in my ways, living without much of what others call necessities, not wanting for much and not minding what others do with their lives.

I do me, they do them, and you, well you know you and if you don’t know who you are by the time you travel between these pages, you will.

Don’t be afraid…

I have not worked a “job” or for another person since I was 22. People love being bosses, and bosses are often in love with bossing people around; and given control corrupts quickly.

I already had enough of that being the baby in the family.

Autonomy and freedom matter to me more than anything else.

I will share openly with you, but I do so behind a closed doors because somethings are made for friends and those who get it and unfortunately most don’t. I’m private and introverted in this regard, but open to the depths of living a wonderfully rad life.

The word Rad and Amazing can never be over used. Optimist warning, do not come into my world if you are a complainer or negative.

That’s not to say we aren’t real about our lives.

Life is clearly a construction of humans playing make believe.

Who’s imagination are you choosing to live in?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Refunds and Cancellations?

A: There are no refunds, but you can cancel when ever you like and that is easy to do.