Show Me Yours And I Will Show You Mine ( 2 of ? )

Audio : Your Way Is The Way ( A Manifesto Kind Of )

And now, I will read to you:

The Manifesto, “Your Way Is The Way” and it’s the only way that it can be.

If you haven’t read it yet you can look to the page: Your Way Is The Way

In my programs, I have this thing I like to do called, ‘Show me yours and I will show you mine.

When my clients are moving through their programs and they want to skip ahead, I ask them to show me their work first, and then I will show them mine.

It creates a conversation, it gets them to slow down and ask themselves the questions we so often want others to answer for us.


Strangely enough, my work isn’t about answering your questions, it’s about supporting you to do the work of asking the questions yourself, to discover and live by the inner wisdom that is within.

This simple facet of questing the unknown is the most freeing and simultaneously potentially frustrating part of being a human who seeks truth, understanding, and wonder…

Living within the question and doing so without freaking out, too much 

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