( S.Q.C. ) Being in Conversation around Transformation ( 2 of 3 )

Sacred Quest Coaching: Life Coach Starter Series

We are going take a bit of time with this topic.

I’m inviting you to have conversation with others, with others who have given you permission to be coached.

In fact promise yourself right now that you will begin experimenting by having conversations, by calling yourself a coach, and by owning your power to be of service.

Again, this is a mini-course, we don’t have the space or time to go into all the nuances here, but know that what you are going to do is simply have a conversation with someone.

But this is going to be a different type of conversation!

I’m going to set some high standards for you and then require a lot from you.

If you really want this then you will accept my invitation to have conversations right away, if not, then, it will be as it will for you and you must accept that.

Go for it, be all in, with focus

*Note: your gift as a coach is to get curious about your client, to ask questions, and to impact them in a way that transforms their perspective of reality.