( GITM ) Momentum Is Magic [ 5 of 5 ]

Words To Hold Onto: Momentum is Magic! I love that…

You and are coming to the end of our time together.

And I’m going to invite you to continue on.

But whether you come along with me or not, I want to leave you with these words, Momentum is Magic.

And specific action toward creating whatever it is you desire will change things for you.

You know that thing you targeted in the miracle making model!

That is where your power lives, staying in action toward it.

Asking the questions, reaching out to the people who are their to assist you even the people you don’t know exist quite yet, the adventures that breathe before you are all here for your taking.

This is where the quest becomes exciting and even more enchanting than before.

To creating miracles,
Emeric Damian Thorpe

Now What?

I’ve an option for you to carry on with your quest.

I call it The Guardian and The Guru.

And you already now who the Guru is.

If you need a reminder…

It’s you.

You know!

And that is all there is to it.

If you would like to know more, click here.

I have two questions for you that are designed to serve you fully, to accelerate your potential and dreams.

I will tell you more upon answering those questions.

But know this…

I really want you to succeed as you choose to define your success.


I also know that there is more wonder and mystery waiting for you.

A life so beautiful and fulfilling that everyone around you will want to know how you did and do what you do.

Click here… But only after you’ve listened to what’s below.

A Promise To Yourself…

You know most people never finish courses they take.

They don’t take action.

They don’t give themselves the gift of knowing first hand.

You joined us here for a reason and now you know what you must do. We’ll support you all the way. This is just the beginning.

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