( GITM ) Future Modules : ( n ) I am Excited For This!!!

The Collection Of Future Modules: There are many topics that my one on one clients have found extremely useful. And I want to share them with you. But all in good time…


If there’s one that you are curious about or an addition you would like me to make that would be beneficial, let me know and I will create it sooner than later.

Here’s a partial list of what I will be sharing with you in the future. Some may be familiar to you if you’ve been on the calls.

The Future Now:

  • What is familiar rules discomfort, thus it isn’t about getting out of your comfort zone; it’s about embracing the unfamiliar and making that the new familiar.
    • We will have a conversation about transformation by taking the path that is unfamiliar. *It’s not a necessity to get out of your comfort zone, in fact too many people stay where they are and they are completely uncomfortable. They hate where they are and how they are living, yet they stay there. Why? Because it’s familiar. People seek familiarity, not comfort; they seek the known, not the unknown.
  • We will explore the use of metaphors and language as a bridge to experiencing new ways of seeing and new ways of being.
    • The way we talk to ourselves, the way we speak to others, even when we are silent, creates and colors our reality.
    • We can listen for the best in ourselves or we can listen for the worst. We can speak truthfully by not speaking.
    • There are many nuances, many ways into the conversation.
  • What about visualization and self talk?
    • Yes, they play a role; they can play a part on the adventure.
    • The can both get in the way and help, much like anything.
    • But there are ways that have been shown to be more beneficial than not and we will explore them soon.
    • As you can probably have noticed, you’ve already been doing something like this when you were rehearsing in front of the mirror, stating what it is you actually want.
    • That is absolutely a form of self-talk and visualization.
  • Advanced conversation about Your Way As The Way…
    • I have always been strong about people having their own experience, knowing what’s true for themselves.
    • There are times in our life when we want someone to show us how to do something, or to give us specific instructions. We spoke of this a bit before.
    • However… Our reliance on others has been extreme, too extreme. We are raised to default to others knowing. And we continually fall back into that position, because it feels so natural. But also, because it seems rude to be so adamant about living by your own discoveries, by having your own unique experiences.
    • It seems rude because, when you don’t accept the status quo, those who haven’t yet discovered their own voice, feel threatened, not by you, but by the feelings that their own inner voice begins to speak with. People are afraid. It’s just how it is.

That’s it for now…

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In the meantime, Your Way Is The Way, because it’s the only way it can be…

Emeric Damian