Glistening Particle Listeners

Anything is possible with the right story.

Chapter 1

You are living a story and you are a living story unfolding before yourself and the world.

There are miracles all around us and life is that. But here we are together for a few moments exploring the ideas of our existence, of how we exist in the world and of what we are capable of doing.

You and I choose to be as we wish in very particular ways.

We do it with the language we choose to use, with the cities we choose to live in, with the people we desire to spend time with.

All of these come together to create a continual story we tell ourself, and that eventually tells itself to us.

What story are you telling yourself? What story do you want to write?

There is a willingness to look at our lives with a deep respect for what is, for where we are, and for what we are calling ourselves.

I once had a story and I created that story with a deep strength.

Eventually that story, which freed me from the bounds of living one way, became a trap in an of itself.

And that led me to shift and let go of my story, to recreate a new story that I want.

All stories are as such and we can choose to be the story or the storyteller or simply the characters within the story.

It’s your choice.

Stories have potential to become reality.

The vision you desire to realize will become a reality for you if you want it to be.

The how will find you if the want is there.

The thought, the thought, thoughts as instigators to action…

A Story of who you are being matters.

Show up for yourself day in and day out.

Live as if you are the most important being in existence and the nature of life will bring you what it is you want.

There are no illusions here.

Everything is as simple as it is.

Can you feel how easy it is if you want it to be, like taking a sip of water.

Chapter II Important: { The Story We Work From: }

Your dream, your actions, your beliefs in your vision for yourself can become the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world.

There is not a single thing we cannot do together.

You tell me one thing you want and you and I will make it a reality.

Chapter III What if & I don’t know…

I have no idea why you are here.

I don’t know what you want.

I don’t know how willing you are to go after the want, nor do I know what you should do.

And I really don’t mind not knowing.

In fact, I am completely free of the results or lack of results you get in your life. They’re for you to desire and want; they’re for you to inspire and draw out.

How free do you want to be? 

There is one person who must know the above. And you already know who that is.

Chapter (n): The story is always beginning.

Are you willing to go on the ride of a lifetime?


Turn what if’s into reality…


What Is Life Coaching?
Life coaching is a very generic term, so it doesn’t mean much of anything, but in my world it means bringing life back to life. It means being open to owning our own life. It means taking care of yourself in the most beautiful and powerful ways, whatever that looks like for you.

Emeric Damian Thorpe, a mirror into a new reality…

This is about the journey into the radical experience of being alive, of experiencing more of life itself.

Life is about the discovery of a dream, of a life to explore, of a masterpiece to create.

We are a movement toward an understanding of our existence, a play in the world that gives us the opportunity to express the fullness of our desires, to be free to play and tease out the experience of life as we desire.

You are the guardian of your story, and both of it and in it.

What story would you love to live?

With curiosity,

More clues about me:



  • I don’t eat or use animals for my pleasure.
  • Lucid dreaming and dream yoga entice me
  • Lifelong learning makes my life more interesting
  • I take people on journeys through conversations.
  • Creating everyday matters to me and I like to share.
  • My name is also Walking Cloud
  • Wildness and Freedom Speak Me
  • I deeply embrace the phrase, “Learn from everyone; follow no-one; be your own revolution.” Be Joy…
  • Absurdity, the ridiculous, the laughter of life is adored in my world.
  • Beauty and all that is tingles my body.
  • Honoring the body as a pleasurable sense in and of itself enchants…
  • Being free to be you and being free to be me is a must for me and I’ll support you in that, always.
  • The words continue but I will leave it at.

  • You can connect with Emeric by clicking here.