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Enjoy my friend…

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Let’s call these the explorations of intrigue, for those with a curious condition to desire to delve deeper into the ever unfolding mystery.

This page is not organized in any manner or sort, so explore whatever calls to you.

A Book : Awareness, by Anthony De Mello is a classic that I suggest you keep close to your heart.

The first step is to admit you don’t want to wake up. You would rather stay asleep.”

A Book : The Attention Revolution, By B. Alan Wallace was the first book of his that I read.

He’s a prolific translator of Buddhist texts and he’s a magnificent teacher.

If you are on a path of awakening, of questioning the nature of reality, but you demand of yourself the experience of it over the theory and ideas about it.

I suggest you allow yourself to fall into the world of Buddhism, but do it as you will, take to it as you might, and know that your primary work is, “to come and see for yourself what is true,”.

Also, I’d like to share four things with you here, by beginning with 3 categories.

  1. Wisdom ( View )
  2. Ethics ( Conduct )
  3. Meditation ( Cultivation )

And The Four Immeasurables…

  1. Loving Kindness
  2. Equanimity
  3. Empathetic Joy
  4. Compassion

You can go here to learn more about and Alan Wallace.

Also, he’s a prolific content creator so for no reason in particular I pulled a video to share here.

Now I would like to take a shift in conversation and share a bit more about coaching and spiritual work, if you will.

A VIDEO : On Becoming a Masterful Coach, Person, and Lucid Mind.

This is not for coaching only, though I created it in the context of an exploration into coaching.

Play time for the inquiring mind.

I enjoy exploring the shadow and one way I was introduced to doing shadow work is through the work of Phil Stutz and Barry Michael who wrote the book The Tools…

However, I want you to know, this only skims the surface of what shadow work may be or is. To know your shadow, to go into the depths of shadow work lives in a mysterious way that goes beyond what most people are going to be willing to do and explore.

Start here :: The Tools Website

And then decide for yourself where you’d like to go next.

And now for something a little different.

The Enneagram…

Here are a few videos to watch afterwards or before you take the enneagram test. These videos will give you a feel for what the Enneagram is; the Helen Palmer video is short and probably the first one to listen to first. 

The three Richard Rohr videos are older, but still one of my favorites.

And any of the Helen Palmer videos on the Enneagram…

This can be used generically, which is a shame, when in the possibility for great depth abides beneath the surface.

The Enneagram is a personality type / energy / habit / sin and spiritual psychological-ish bridge into your self.

You can take an Enneagram test here for $12.

My test, was fairly correct but not quite, as the strangeness of my being required me to ask more questions, to fully know what energy or type I am.

You’ll understand more, but when I tested, I had 4 categories come all between the 20 to 23 point range, making for 4 possibilities of a primary perspective on the world.

Where is all of this going and why do I share what I do with you?

You are on your own adventure, exploration, or mystery tour. You have your own particular desires, wants, and needs.

You are where you are and no matter what someone else has experienced, learned, or uncovered for themselves, it doesn’t matter so much as everyone and everything will meet you where you are.

By that I mean, you can’t help but conceive of the world as you do.

Let me say more about that…

The world happens, you react, you may or may not have the ability yet, to witness your reactions.

Most people, simply react as unconsciously, others react consciously but don’t realize they are playing out a narration and making choices based off of an identity that does not exist, but yet appears to be real, so real they have bought into as if it truly exists.

They identify and reify everything.

Let there be no judgement as good or bad in what I am saying, only a recognition that it may be so.

And it’s better to know if it is so than to pretend it’s not.

That’s also your choice, but since you are here, I imagine you’d like to know what is so.

All that I share is to unfold you before yourself, as you wish, as you desire, as the you that is you wants you to know itself, and this life you are living is your opportunity to do that.

Boa sorte, good luck, and may the wisdom that lives within you be allowed, invited, and embraced by you…

Emeric Damian
( 4th March 2021 )