Your Questions Answered : March 18th 2020…

From time to time, I like to take you on walks with me, to think, to contemplate, and to share thoughts and ideas that will appreciate our relationship.

By appreciate I literally mean raise our value.

And I take value to mean: appreciate our lives more, by bringing more beauty and joy, to our lives and the lives of others, simply by being alive in an appreciative state of being.

…on to the questions, one from Iram and another from Professor Luis...

Raise Your Expectations And Surprise Yourself?

Question # 1 : How do I stop myself from expecting things from people that are close to me or anyone for that matter?

My Heartfelt Desires, Do They Deserve My Life?

Question # 2 : Do I follow my inner knowing and go after my desires, or do I pursue what others say I am gifted at?

Emeric Damian

These are words for exploring our own knowing, our truth, our mind and the thoughts that move through us.

They are neither true nor false.

Yet they touch what is.



March 17th, 2020,
Foz do Lizandro
The Quarantine Has Begun…

Hello love,

Simplification and letting go of that which no longer serves…​

…is sometimes the only thing you need to do to resolve an issue that’s sticking to you.

  • No formulas,
  • No 7 step programs,
  • No belief busting techniques…

​Just the simple act of simplifying and letting go of that which no longer serves you.​

​To letting go, to experience more,​
​Emeric Damian

Many people are on self-quarantined lockdown right now, and I too am mostly spending time alone, yet, I take a lot of walks to the ocean, to the beach, and to the cliffs.

And I thought it would be a joy to play with life’s mystery…

…and one way I would enjoy doing that is to have you ask me about anything you want…

…about something your are challenged by, or about how to make a perfect pizza, or what do is the greatest obstactle to self-awarness…

… or my favorite, “how not to be dominated by crazy thoughts“…

Whatever you wish…

I will then take you question for a walk and record an answer or a contemplation for you by the ocean.

Then I will share it with you or on the site, with your first initial only, unless you don’t mind your name being there too.

Just reply to this email with your question and I will take you to the beach this week.

Hugs and love…

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