The Guru In The Mirror A Quest ( Coming Soon )

From The Desk of E.D.T.
Sintra, Portugal ( on tour )
2017 January 14th

Use your own intuition and trust in yourself.

You will know if what I’m sharing will move you forward as you want.

If it resonates and speaks to you, then invest in yourself. If not than choose differently.

IMPORTANT: Read this if you want greater freedom in life:

Transformation comes through conversation, through experience, through being the very thing you want.

Information in many ways becomes the shackle of our spirit, the anchor to which we willingly chain ourselves, and then turn around and pretend as if it’s not so.

The power is in your words, in the conversations you have with others and your willingness to take action toward your own desires. Everything you want is going to come from relationships to others and to yourself.

It doesn’t happen online, but you certainly can use the internet.

Let me reiterate. Don’t let the internet use you, use it instead

Finally, if you choose to be in relationships with me via this Masterclass, use it.

What you’ll learn:

In this 42 minute speed class, you’ll gain insights into having and creating whatever it is you desire, with great ease and speed.

You’ll learn about:

  • Energy Scripting
  • The Miracle Making Model
  • The Guru In The Mirror Master Plan
  • A Performance Philosophy For Overcoming Any Obstacle
  • The Paradox of Slowing Down To Speed Up
  • Controlling What You Can & Letting Go of What You Can’t
  • The Fallacy of Flow
  • And What You Really Want From Life & How To Experience It

The Importance of Self Expertise & Creating Your Own Breakthroughs:

The Guru In The Mirror

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Because no one can do it for you.

There is not a quote or an inspirational book or another human being that can make it happen for you.

You are your own breakthrough.

The course in it’s entirety as it stands right now is under 45 minutes.

Each audio is under 4:20 seconds, so you can move through it quickly, but do take your time.

Go through it in the order it is set up.

The program is ongoing and over the next few months you will have access to additional material that will come to you via email.

You will be billed monthly but can cancel at any time.

The most important aspect of what you are about to experience is Action.

Act on your truth.

~ Emeric Damian Thorpe

My 100% Money Back Guarantee Based On You Taking Action.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. The majority of people do not complete courses they purchase, books they buy, and promises they make to themselves.
  2. Of those who do finish few take action on what they learn.
  3. You are responsible for your own results in life.

We will fully refund your purchase but you have to send me an audio recording of what happened when you took action on what you’ve learned here.

I’m not concerned about the money, I want you to get results for yourself and that’s it.

You are your own guru.

“Learn from everyone; follow no-one; be your own revolution.”

~ Emeric Damian Thorpe

I can not be free without wanting for your freedom as well.

The Guru In The Mirror Masterclass