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There’s something I want to share with you.

It’s an idea.

An idea about you and who you are in the world.

It’s an idea about minds and metaphors, about existence, and the mystical experience of being alive.

I need you to stay here with me for a moment.

There’s something happening in the world, in your world, and it has historical precedence.

It’s a label in our time that has made a particular kind of conversation acceptable.

That’s fundamentally a generic term that means nothing.

But at a deeper level it means everything.

You are thinking and contemplating life.

Most people never spend much time in the realm of awakening, but you are.

I’m going to leave it at saying what I am saying, “embrace the times for what they are, and embrace the bridge that is allowing you to come into coherence with yourself, while assisting others as you might.”

You are your own guru as well.

It’s up to you to know yourself.

We are exploring the dreamscape, the melding between waking reality, and the life of the dream, where things are more similar than not.


You will get your own story fulfilled by being the person who speaks to you.

Volume 1: Guru In The Mirror

Volume 1 coming soon…

Volume 2: Guru In The Mirror

Coming Soon…

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