( FREE audio ) Life Coaching Starter Course
Because They Pay You To Be You!

Update: August 21st 2019: I recently went through the mini-course and it is just as relevant to the new coach as it was 2 years ago when I created it. It’s simple and straight to the point. May it serve you to become the best you can be, if you choose this path to be of service to others.


From Sintra Portugal,
2 November 2017
Emeric Damian

Sintra Portugal, Reading over notes on life, love, and adventure…

Dear New Coach,

Thank you for coming along on this short journey.

I want one thought to trace through your mind as you spend a few moments here with me.

People are paying people to assist them to live their dreams.


You can get paid to be that person.


Here’s why in 35 seconds or less:

Everyone needs support.

Think about it…

A life where you make your living helping others!

You know you wish you had someone in your life who would support you and all your crazy wild dreams.

And they would do so powerfully, pulling you up when you struggle, keeping you on your path, and most importantly always seeing the genius in you.


You know there is magic in you.

And you know you have the gift to see that magic in another.

  • That is beauty…
  • That is grace…
  • That is the miracle of your existence…

And I’m going to share a taste of that with you right now and for free.

This is a Free Version of my course on coaching called The Beginning Master’s Life Coaching Experience ( no fancy acronym for that one, yet. )

A FREE Mini Course To Coaching Mastery
In this free Mini-Course we are going to get you experiencing coaching as a coach, right away.

We’re going to address the number one block that I see new and experienced coaches make.

Get FREE Access Right Away and I will send you the mini course for free.

Here is the quick summary:

I want you to know what will be coming your way!

Along with the mini-course you will also receive 3 emails that are designed specifically to speed up your coaching career.

  • In email #3
    • We are going to talk about how much money you would like to make and one technique to get there.
    • Hint: it’s kind of like, do this and then that will come. There’s a tiny amount of math involved!
  • In email #2
    • We’ll break down an example of an hourly rate working with one of my favorite clients and why you don’t want to work hourly, but by packages.
  • In email #1
    • We swallow the horse pill, the gargantuan reality check, what I like to call making the impossible possible. ( It has to do with working it, going from good to ‘you get to choose by choosing…)

You will only know by experiencing the art and practice of doing the work.

And it’s worth it.

Imagine what your life will look like.

This free course will guide you into the beginning process of becoming a life coach.

Reflect on this:

What would your life look like if you had someone in your world who could be there for you like you wish they would have been?

And what might be possible for you, to be that person for someone else?

To creating miracles, because you are one,
Emeric Damian