Own Yourself + The Mission Mindset ( Part 1 of 5 )

Sintra Portugal, a message about the Mission Mindset. (6 June, 2017)

Disclaimer: I fully believe the world wants you to have what you want, if you are willing to want it and ask for it, it will be given in some form or another. But I also know you most likely won’t ask for what you want for whatever reason you may have. Together we can change that and live in a world where you have what you want even when you don’t know what it is.


From The Mind of:
Emeric Damain Thorpe
Sintra, Portugal
6th June, 2017

What’s this about and why you might want to try it on for yourself.

Go Forward don’t look back, action, action, action…

It’s fun and feels good to have a mission.

It’s exciting and it has great potential to fast track vision for yourself by from creating and living a life that is just okay, to a journey that is an exciting adventure that also fulfills your life.

Everything I do is about living a good life, however you choose to measure that, as it’s different for most but quite similar too.

For example, health, wealth, love and happiness are great general descriptors of similar areas of life that most if not all, want to fulfill.

However the nuances will be particular to your desires and your uniqueness.

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To being your own Guru,
Emeric Damian Thorpe