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The Guardian and The Guru ( How To Get Everything You Want Support System )

Welcome to my tribe you phenomenal wonder. I’m creating it with you in mind and because I own and take responsibility for the success of the tribe itself you will always get the truth from me, even when you don’t want to hear it.

This is where I’m different than other teachers, guides, coaches as it maybe.

Choose your own reality, a new adventure for you to partake in. How do you get what you want?

Emeric take the language here and turn it into YOU, make it about them. What’s In It For Them?…

Why, what, how, what if…

People are afraid to guarantee results, to take responsibility for those they work with.

If you aren’t getting results you must find out why and how you can guarantee for yourself that you will. ( think & live full on responsibility )

But I have never done things the way others do and neither will you.

So yes, you are a teacher, a guide, a coach of a kind, a dreamer, and a creator always, the Entrepreneurial Artist. You live all over the place, literally, and nothing about you in conventional. You are weird and you are freer than almost 85% of the time, which I believe is 100x more than most.

As a potentially new member of the tribe, I want you to send me a video or audio, which I’ll keep private, where you share why you would like to be part of the Lucid Mindset tribe, what do you want from me, and what you are desiring more than anything to create and have support with.

Have fun with it.

Just email me the link to the video, via dropbox, youtube, or your own personal site.

Send it to EmericThorpe@gmail.com

To dreaming, doing, and being amazing,
Emeric Damian

p.s. Let me know if you are okay with your video being shared publicly within the group.