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It was not too long ago, but the message stands, sings, or floats; either way it comes with love…

Posted by Questing The Unkown on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

My name is Emeric Damian, I ask questions and I question everything and then I share these experiences, the knowing, the mysteries that keep calling but don’t reveal their answers so kindly.

The words,  recordings, the knowledge…

And in this way I awaken people into truly experiencing the beautiful mystery of existence.

In this way I give you back time, time in your life to use as you wish.


Your attention is the greatest asset you have.

And I want to make sure you own and control it.

It is your path to everything.


Freedom in many different ways matters to me, and it’s what I do for others.

I have conversations; I am guide and an instigator of ideas.

We must ask questions, particularly about the nature of reality, which includes everything and nothing.

Dreams of all kinds…

It’s been a life long fascination for me, exploring dreams and visions, and creating the future as we desire.

It’s wonderful and bizarre to realize that we literally can imagine something in our minds and then express it externally.

Lifelong learning makes my life more interesting, creating everyday matters to me as does sharing.

Absurdity, the ridiculous, laughter at life is adored in my world.

I’m for hire every once and a while. You can contact me here.

I write and speak to touch the ephemeral nature of existence.

A Sky Prayer

by Walking Cloud ~

Like the Sky, I let it pass.
It is not who I am.
It is not up to me.

As the Sky, I see it all,
Yet where am I,
Am I at all.

Point to me,
Show me to myself,
I am neither here nor there
Yet I am.


I perpetually travel as a kind of nomad of sorts, travel geographically as well as into the realm of the mind.

And my name is also Walking Cloud.

To being wiggly upon the fabric of reality,
Emeric Damian


There will be more for you as, the sharing continues, the questions, the explorations and I would like to thank you for being here at Questing The Unknown.