Learn from everyone; follow no one; be your own revolution.

My movements are directed toward the experience of life itself.

Words like that may not seem to have much basis in our consensus reality, but I haven’t yet figured out where else there is to go, other than to know that we are here to experience more of the experience of life itself.

That is what I am for others, an experience and in that I am having the experience of all else.

Perhaps I’m walking around this expression of who I am because there isn’t a particular who that I am.

Fundamentally I understand that we explain to each other who we are by sharing stories of our past experiences, by speaking our values into the world, by being in the world in a particular way, a way that has some external representation which allows us to grasp onto some kind of identity.

Words such as the pointing out instructions that I am sharing below are more true to me than anything I can say about who I am. We are an essence of ourselves more than we are a thing, an experience in a moment of time.

Still I desire to share more of myself with you than I know how. So in these words, in this Sky Prayer I wrote, I touch a bit more of who I am.


A Sky Prayer

by E.D.T.

Like the Sky, I let it pass.
It is not who I am.
It is not up to me.

As the Sky, I see it all,
Yet where am I,
Am I at all.

Point to me,
Show me to myself,
I am neither here nor there
Yet I am.


The journey for total awareness possesses me, paralyzes me, and fulfills my strongest inner desire to be present as much as I possibly can.

The curiosity to explore the world as an ever unfolding mystery explodes my mind each and every day. It’s as if I can choose to watch and participate in a madness of sorts, comic and tragic, mundane yet miraculous.

I have an attachment to life and the experience of it.

Breezes in particular, clouds and skies as well. When I mentioned being paralyzed, I meant it in a way that I can often watch the world move around me, and I can do it for hours and it feels as if it’s the most rewarding experience one can ever have and yet I didn’t do anything.

Even in this I feel as if I’m being absurd.

With curiosity,
Emeric Damian Thorpe

More clues about me:

  • I don’t eat or use animals for my pleasure.
  • Lucid dreaming and dream yoga entice me
  • Lifelong learning makes my life more interesting
  • I take people on journeys through conversations.
  • Creating everyday matters to me and I like to share.
  • My name is also Walking Cloud
  • Wildness and Freedom Speak Me
  • I deeply embrace the phrase, “Learn from everyone; follow no-one; be your own revolution.” Be Joy…
  • Absurdity, the ridiculous, the laughter of life is adored in my world.
  • Beauty and all that is tingles my body.
  • Honoring the body as a pleasurable sense in and of itself enchants…
  • Being free to be you and being free to be me is a must for me and I’ll support you in that, always.
  • The words continue but I will leave it at.

A few words on identity…

First, I appreciate you coming to these words, stepping a moment closer to my existence, but as you are here, I’d like to share a bit more about my self and what makes this creature called, “Emeric Damian Thorpe” a worthwhile association to spend time with.

Without sounding too absurd, I know a lot about weird things, things that have to do with being and becoming, our existence if you will.

I know that most people, which is you too, want to answer questions that won’t let you be. I know that people want freedom and I know people will give up their freedom for a sense of security, and that becomes it’s own trap.

I know that we break free continually and then find ourselves in new challenges, with new dreams and different ideals.

I know that supporting the you and having others support me is much more enjoyable than the opposite.

I know that we don’t know much while also knowing a few things absolutely.

Whatever this thing that I am, Emeric Damian Thorpe, is another label and not who or what I am. Nor are you, you as that label persists.

But knowing this, experiencing it for itself is breathtaking and a holy spiritual moment for the person awake to it.

There is liberation in labels as much as their isn’t.

I won’t to take you too long, but we are not any of the things we think we are or others think us to be.

And that my friend is amazing, radically revolutionary to the person living from that place.

So with those few words, I will share with you a few different images of who I am not, but of who I’ve momentarily experienced myself as.

These are images to keep me free from anyone having in misconception that I am something other than I am.

Sometimes when online, and person as well, we don’t really know the person before us and in this way, I share with you a few images of who I’m not along with what I love to do.

A Brief visual introduction: to a person called Emeric Damian Thorpe