The Problem Isn’t… Yet It Seems To Be…

Ericeira, Portugal… The Storms Have Come To Play…

Notice For My Friends In The Guardian and The Guru..

I run a membership for people who actually want to live their life by truth, by their own inner knowing, while living life on their own terms. It’s called The Guardian And The Guru, because you are the guru, and though you might not know it yet, even though I believe you truly do know, because you’ve had glimpses, the guru lives within you.

In The Guardian and The Guru, we continue to explore what it means to free your mind from the constraints and programming that you have confused with truth.


What might truth be, if it is a truth based on your belief about what is, as opposed to what’s so.

These questions, are a necessity to the wonderful seeker, the seeker that knows there’s something they don’t know to yet know.

To find out more about the power of your innate ability and to continue growing by learning to let go of what keeps your natural, gifted abilities from flowing, join The Guardian and The Guru by going here.

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