Teaching Is A Tool For Mastery…

I created a coaching course for coaches, new and experienced, some years ago.


Because teaching is a tool for mastery, for learning with greater speed and ease.

It’s a way into your own understanding.

But even more so, it’s a way to add value to the lives of those who choose to enter your world.

This course was, actually, kept for only a few.

But I want you to have it.

The chapter on three volumes is the space I would like you to focus on.

It’s 40 minutes and deeply informative.

I will say no more, other than it is here for your use, your learning, for your adventure into the sacred practice of listening intently with grace and ease.

The Life Coaching Mastery Course: a framework in 3 volumes…

You can watch the main video here or take the entire course below.

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